Proxmox without an Enterprise subscription isn’t configured for automatic updates, thus after installing, it isn’t long before your server becomes outdated. If you are wanting to keep up with the cutting edge features, whistles and bells; you will either need to purchase an enterprise subscription, or in the case of this tutorial make a couple changes to the repositories.

Keep in mind before proceeding, the repositories you will be adding while is the newest available, is not considered the most stable. It is not recommend making these changes to a production environment, and as always it is highly encouraged you support the devs with a paid subscription that allows updating to the most current stable releases.

  • Lets start by opening up a puTTy session
  • login and Type: cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
  • Type: cp pve-enterprise.list pve-no-subscription.list

We are making a copy of the file we are changing to make changes easy to revert if need.

  • Type: nano pve-enterprise.list
  • Comment out the only line by adding “#” in front
  • Save the file & Exit
  • Type: nano pve-no-subscription.list

you will see the following:

deb stretch pve-enterprise

You will change the highlighted parts to look like this:

deb stretch pve-no-subscription

Do Not change the word “stretch” leave whatever you have alone.

  • Save & Close the file.
  • Type: apt-get update
  • Type: apt-get dist-upgrade
    • Note: Always run “apt-get dist-upgrade” not “apt-get upgrade”
  •  Type: reboot

Once again this will keep your server updating to the latest & greatest but not necessarily the most stable, so keep that in mind. If you decide at some point you no longer want the server to keep updating you can do the following to revert changes:

  • login and Type: cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
  • Type: rm pve-no-subscription.list
  • Type: nano pve-enterprise.list
  • Uncomment out the repository by removing the “#” 
  • Save & Close the file.
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